Scientific proof that meditation changes our brain

Category : General advice, Philosophy 18th September 2017

Inside Yoga 210 (18/9/2017)

Over the past decade, and especially in recent years, there are an increasing number of scientists who have investigated meditation and found that the practice does help improve and change, for the better, our health and importantly our brain.

Forbes magazine back in 2015 wrote about 7 ways in which meditation can change our brain. The articles describes how scientific research has found that meditation helps to preserve the aging brain, how meditation reduces the “monkey mind” wandering aimlessly, and how the practice rivals antidepressants for condition such as depression and anxiety.
It also describes how meditation can result in physical changes to our brain, and how the practice improves concentration and attention, plus reduces anxiety, and helps deal with addiction; and it also mentions how this practice has been effective in schools (see ).
I have covered many of these topics in past blogs (see links below to related articles) and you might be aware of many of these benefits, yet it is always worth a reminder as to why you are practicing. Also, you could forward this article to a doubting friend.
The article mentions mindfulness a great deal, so I would like to point out that the many forms of meditation also work and are of great benefit. I use the principles of mindfulness in my classes, because it is a basic principle in practice that we are always mindful. Mindfulness is in vogue at present, which is good in many ways, because it does work and it’s important that as many people as possible are reached and informed to the benefits of meditation. But like the BBC has to say – other products are available or rather other meditation practices are available.
And importantly, although this is about meditation, and you attend yoga classes, remember that yoga is meditation. See my article
The link to the Forbes article is here (lots of ads on site unfortunately!) –
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