Weekly classes in brief: venue and online

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9.30am and 12pm – online
7pm – venue
6pm – online
10am; 12pm and 5.30pm – ALL online
12pm and 6.30pm – ALL online
10am and 12.15pm – ALL venues

Gary Osborn-Clarke has been teaching yoga since 2002 and practising yoga since 1995 – for more details, go to https://www.yogabristol.co.uk/teacher/
Gary’s classes focus on yoga asanas (postures/exercises), his style is based on BKS Iyengar’s methods mixed with the influence of the flow of Ashtanga Vinyasa. It is a traditional approach, based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: asanas (postures), dhyana (meditation) and pranayamas (breathing exercises).
Read what his students say, see Testimonials page: click https://www.yogabristol.co.uk/testimonials/

Online live yoga classes

JOIN my classes on Zoom any week: to book a place and payment online, contact me via email: gary@yogabristol.co.uk.


9.30am – 10.45am
12pm – 1pm

6pm – 7.15pm

10am – 11.15am
12pm – 1pm
5.30pm – 6.45pm

12pm – 1pm
6.30pm – 7.45pm

Want to know more? See Testimonials page, go to https://www.yogabristol.co.uk/testimonials/online-yoga-testimonials/
Doubts, reluctant to try yoga online? SCREEN FATIGUE? Tired of looking at a screen?
Try my yoga online classes: they focus on you and your yoga practice, not the screens.
See feedback about online classes below, and on Testimonials page.

Flexible: Pay for your classes, and join when you can, no booking of class needed, plus you can attend more than one class per week.
To pay send me an email and I will reply with bank details from payment.

Single class: £9 per class
Block of classes:
Plan A – 2 classes for £15; 4 classes for £30. Pay for a block and then decide which class to attend (no need to book class time).
Plan B – 4 classes for £20 – only for those with reduced income due to pandemic.
Please note: Block payment is valid for 6 months from purchase.

My virtual door is open.

Depending on the device used, you might need to download the Zoom app (eg moble phones and tablets), but with a PC and laptop clicking to allow Zoom to run when starting a class. Contact me for help; or for details about how it works see Zoom website see  https://zoom.us/
Email me gary@yogabristol.co.uk for details.

Please note disclaimer: I am not responsible for accidents in own home during a yoga class, eg furniture etc close to you during class.

Feedback for online classes:

“Gary’s classes have kept me sane during lockdown and I’m now a convert to online yoga. He manages to fit in so much content, as well as a proper relaxation session at the end. Because it’s a live session, Gary can advise on postures just like an in-person class and I love not having to drive home afterwards.” Nic G, May 2021

“Being able to do your yoga classes online during lockdown was incredibly helpful and helped me maintain peace, calm and well-being – one of the highlights of lockdown! It’s inspired me to get back to regular practice. Thank you Gary.” Charlotte C, August 2020

Read more Testimonials at https://www.yogabristol.co.uk/testimonials/

Yoga classes in venues

Single payments/pay as you go: Pay for classes you attend – pay in advance or on the day. Online payment is recommended, but cash payment at class also possible. Contact me to book.
Book a term: Pay at start of term. Contact me to book.
Covid-secure rules: At this stage the restrictions have been lifted but I recommend masks worn on arrival/departure, plus social distancing will be maintained as much as possible.

Yeo Fit (Yeo Valley HQ) Blagdon
MONDAY 10am to 11.15am
Class postponed, possible restart February 28th; interested? Contact me
Single payment: £10.50
Term block: £8.50 per class – depends on number of weeks in term
Venue: Yeofit Studio, Yeo Valley HQ Canteen, Rhodyate, Blagdon, Bristol BS40 7YE – parking one site
Google maps link: Yeofit at YeoValley location
Picture of studio, yoga with a view:

Stoke Bishop
MONDAY 7pm to 8.30pm – Stoke Bishop Primary School
Single payment: £12
Next term: January 10th to February 14th; 6 weeks= £60 for term booking (£10 per class)
Venue: Stoke Bishop Primary School, Main Hall, Cedar Park, Bristol BS9 1BW (car parking available in playground).
Off-street parking available: entrance to right of main building, use lower gate and park in playground – hall entrance from playground not school’s front entrance. Google map link: Stoke Bishop school location
Picture of hall:

Long Ashton
FRIDAY 10am to 11.15am
(75 mins)
Single payment: £10.50
Next term: January 7th to February 18th; 7 weeks= £59.50 for term booking (£8.50 per class)
Venue: Long Ashton Community Centre, Keedwell Hill, Long Ashton, BS41 9DR – free car parking available; located just 4 miles from Bristol city centre.
Google map link: Long Ashton Community Centre location
Picture of hall with Covid-secure class – social distancing :

Westbury-on-Trym/Stoke Bishop
FRIDAY 12.15pm to 1.15pm
Single payment: £10
Next term: January 7th to February 18th; 7 weeks= £56 for term booking (£8 per class)
Venue: Scout Hall, Northcote, Great Brockeridge, Westbury on Trym, Bristol BS9 3TY; small car park on site and street parking.
Google map link: Scout Hall location
Picture of hall with Covid-secure class – social distancing:

What are the rules now?
To be on safe side, I continue to ask people to arrive/leave wearing masks and social distancing will be maintained where possible.
Track and trace: I will continue to keep record of email and mobile.
I recommend you have your own yoga mat, but I have spare yoga mats to use if needed.

SPECIAL DEAL: To encourage you to book a block (term), you can catch up any missed class in the venue via my online classes so you do not miss out (note: to be used within same term/block period of the missed class). Otherwise, general policy with block (term) bookings, missed classes are not refundable or carried over into following term.

If circumstances change, I will update this page, and adapt, as we have been doing since March 2020!

Please note: Payment plans for online classes (which will continue) will carry on as separate from venues payments.

Other classes in venues suspended for now:

Classes in venue
MONDAY – Southmead Hospital – staff
No classes at present: waiting to see when I can return
5.15pm to 6.15pm (90 mins)
Staff only – if you work at Southmead Hospital North Bristol Trust (NBT) this is for you
Venue: Seminar room (most weeks no. 5) at Learning and Research building, Southmead Hospital (NHS North Bristol), Bristol BS10 5NB.
Contact me gary@yogabristol.co.uk

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY – DAC Beachcroft LLP – staff
5.30pm-6.30pm (60 mins)
Class currently suspended, waiting for autumn review and Covid rules to change.
Join general public classes instead.
Venue: Portwall Place, Portwall Ln, Bristol BS1 6NB

Prices: offers and block booking

See above for details.
Block bookings are for consecutive classes, and is non-refundable due to non-attendance.

Feedback from some of Gary’s students:

“I’ve done yoga with a number of teachers over the years in Bristol and elsewhere, and Gary is up there with the best. Here’s why. Firstly, he uses a consistent routine which which means that after doing his class for a few years I know the poses so can concentrate on the important stuff such as breathing, noticing what changed from last time I did a particular pose, being in the moment. Having said that, Gary also makes sufficient changes week by week to keep things interesting.
Another key thing that Gary gets right (and is not easy) is to speak the right amount. So in terms of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, he doesn’t talk too much, or too little; he gets it just right.” – Jim R, August 2018

More feedback on Testimonials page at https://www.yogabristol.co.uk/testimonials/

General information about yoga classes

      • All levels of experience welcome: Yoga classes are open to everyone, from beginner to experienced, as Gary offers options with the difficult exercises, so everyone can take part and those with more experience can also enjoy the classes.
      • Each class begins with a warm up (downward dog/upward dog, and sun salutations). Each week Gary focusses on themes (eg: standing, seated hip openers and forward bends, twists, backbends, and inversions). The class ends with meditation (and pranayamas) and relaxation (you get to lie down!). Gary combines detailed instructions with a flowing class of exercises.
      • Gary teaches a mindfulness-based yoga practice, with emphasis on developing our self-awareness, by establishing a connection between our body, breath and mind.
      • The basis of yoga is learning to breath efficiently and healthily – Gary places a lot of emphasis on our breath and how to cultivate it.
      • If you want to learn and also challenge yourself, yet feel relaxed and revitalised… come along to a class and see for yourself – you can join the general public classes any week an come as often as you like.

More information about classes:

      • Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise; bring something warm to wear or a blanket for relaxation at end of each class; and ideally, do not eat meals before session – allow 4 hours after large meal, and about 2 hours after light meal.
      • The best way to know if his way of teaching yoga is for you, is to come along and see for yourself (and you have any questions, contact Gary).

Yoga classes

“If we really follow one direction in yoga as far as we can go, then it will lead us along all paths of yoga.”
—TKV Desikachar