A solution for you…

Yoga is a holistic practice which sees each person as an individual with their own make up, constitution and needs. In other words, a yoga practice can help everyone and all is needed is to find the type of practice which is appropriate and beneficial. This is especially important when we want to find a solution to our situation, but are unable to attend group classes, because it is too difficult physically or we do not feel confident enough to attend a group class.

This is where yoga therapy comes in to help you: the sessions are run 1to1, and tailored to meet your needs.

The physical postures are chosen to suit your needs, so for example, if you have restricted movement, we focus on very gentle exercises to mobilise. And the rate of progress is in yoiur hands – yoiu will not feel rushed or under pressure to keep up with others.

Perhaps we focus on breathing and meditation techniques – which is particularly good when dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional states that cause harm to our health and emotional well being.

Gary has helped people with the following:

  • Back problems and other structural injuries/conditions
  • PTSD – including survivors of violence
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Heart and blood conditions such as high blood pressure or erratic heart
  • Depression and confidence problems, low energy levels and anxiety