“Gary has been teaching us privately for 2 1/2 years on a weekly basis. He has been consistently punctual and reliable and has extensive knowledge and experience of yoga practice. He is able to tailor and differentiate sessions to our needs and individual abilities and accommodate our requests e.g. for restorative yoga or energising. Having yoga lessons at home means we always do it and it’s cheaper than a babysitter and a local class or going to the chiropractor on a regular basis. Gary is good humoured, kind natured and we are both grateful for his flexibility, consistency, and obvious experience. We consider we have benefitted enormously. Many thanks!” – Lucy Cooper and Emily Ingle, March 2017

“I am in my mid-60s with a long standing heart condition and have for some time been trying to find exercise that my heart condition will allow me to do but will also be challenging. I started private classes with Gary in 2013. This was my first experience of Yoga and I have found it invaluable and rewarding as the 1-to1 sessions have enabled Gary to introduce me to a range of Yoga exercises and positions which whilst challenging at times I have been able to achieve and also provide firm foundation for me continuing with Yoga in the long term.
“I can’t say enough about Gary’s style, teaching and coaching skills and encouragement. I have enjoyed the sessions with Gary enormously. Gary explains the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ in all his coaching and an important advantage of 1to1 lessons is that he can focus it on my particular requirements.
Thank you Gary.”- Peter Stanley, May 2015

“Some 7 years away from regularly practising yoga, a busy job and young family all led to me booking a series of private lessons with Gary: Gary’s approach through the initial sessions quickly re-established a good core practice at a level suitable for my ability. The advantages of private tuition for me have been that Gary has tailored his explanations and teaching for my particular needs – my technique has improved along with my awareness of the minor corrections needed to really get the most benefit from the postures. It has also been great to be able to flex my practice with Gary to particular needs and energy levels I have on any given day.
“I would recommend private lessons to anyone needing a bit more attention or confidence to develop or kick-start their yoga journey. (I also recently supplemented my private lessons with a three hour workshop and came out feeling fantastic – relaxed, energised and balanced!)” – Felicity B, Jan 2015

“Gary has been my one-to-one meditation/life coach for nearly a year now and I am completely satisfied with the way it’s working. It’s great to have someone to talk to about meditation’s ups and downs and is a most valuable tool for me. Gary is very knowledgeable and I feel ever so slightly more enlightened after each one of our meetings! Thank you Gary!” – Jamie Bell, Sep 2013

“Gary taught me yoga on a one to one basis and from the first meeting I felt comfortable and relaxed. I had pre conceived ideas of what yoga was and the potential benefits and through discussion, practice and meditation, I feel I was able to reach the relaxation and physically demanding element of yogic practice. Gary is patient, encouraging and will work at your pace, whilst helping you advance and reach the level of mental, physical and spiritual potential. I thoroughly recommend Gary.” — Charlotte S, June 2013