“There are a number of reasons why I continue with yoga, in no particular order:
• Value for money (class is discounted for staff) – this is a good one-hour class, you can afford to miss the odd week or two due to a busy diary and the average per class is still more than competitive. Plus there is usually the option to switch to the other day, or attend two classes in one week to make up if you want to.
• Enhances & adds balance to my fitness routine – this is an excellent way of getting more stretching and a gentler form of exercise which then helps me to improve in other activities that I do (gym, running).
• Convenience – what is more convenient than walking across the office to the class bang on 5:30pm! I’m still home in good time, feeling virtuous!
• Teaching – Gary has an excellent background with groups of mixed ability, and always makes sure that the class is suitable for all. Those who want more of a challenge can continue to progress, while those just starting out or with particular health issues are also fully supported and don’t feel they are holding back the class. Gary makes yoga accessible.
• Meditation – the chance to just stop and breathe, and focus purely on myself for an hour mid-week is invaluable. I always come away feeling more relaxed and ready to face the next day.” – Liz Millar, Staff class at DACBeachcroft, July 2017

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago and, very fortunately, made a very good recovery after a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. When I started taking Gary’s yoga classes at my workplace in 2014 I informed him of my medical background and my concern that some positions may not be suitable for me as I am at continued risk of developing Lymphodoema in my arm plus I have permanent limited mobility in that shoulder from the surgery. Amazingly (given the number of students Gary must teach every week) he remembers this issue and will suggest alternatives so that I can continue to feel included in the class. I’ve noticed that he also continually pays attention to others who might have other issues, from beginners to those carrying injuries, so it’s not just me who benefits from his watchful style of coaching.
“I have a very busy job which regularly becomes stressful. I’ve learnt that regular attendance at Gary’s classes is part of my coping mechanism and I very quickly miss any sessions that I can’t attend.
“I took part in my first 3 hour workshop last Saturday at David Lloyd in Long Ashton and found the final hour of meditation of particular benefit as it left me feeling very relaxed for the remainder of the weekend, ready to face the challenges of the new week.” – JW, March 2016

“I have been attending Gary’s classes for more than a year now. It is really convenient that he comes to our office so I can fit in nicely the yoga practice into my busy lifestyle. Gary is very precise in his teaching, so both our breathing technique and the postures are constantly refined, adjusted. Such a nice relaxing and refreshing way to finish a busy day in the office. I also highly recommend the workshops Gary organises. It is a great way of further mastering the yoga techniques. These workshops are longer as the usual lessons, so there is plenty of time to focus on on physical exercises, breathing and meditation as well.”- Tibor Bicsak DAC Beachcroft LLP, February 2016

“Gary, you taught this (Viloma Pranayama) during one of the sessions at work. I use it frequently when I wake in the middle of the night and feel restless and cannot get back to sleep. Concentrating on breathing really helps me settle and before I know it the alarm is going off! – Lynn Jones, September 2015; to read blog on Viloma go to https://www.yogabristol.co.uk/2015/07/13/viloma-in-practice/

“The stress reduction session was very nice by the way, I enjoyed it very much! Gary had a lovely voice, so relaxing! Hope to apply what he told us, his explanations were very nice.” – staff member at Airbus, September 2015

“I have now had a few months of classes with Gary which he runs in my office. I would otherwise struggle to find time to attend yoga classes and so really value the convenience. His classes have been great for winding down after work as well as building core strength and flexibility.” – Martin Langley, DAC Beachcroft LLP, July 2015

“Really enjoying the sessions and my one hour of peace and quiet during the working week!” – Kirstyn MacFarlane, DACBeachcroft, May 2015