Silence is golden

Category : Featured, General advice 9th December 2019

Inside Yoga 287 (9/12/2019) Our modern world is so filled with sounds that we do not know a world with silence: think about how we live and ask yourself how much silence do you experience in a typical day? An average day might start with the sound of an alarm or radio playing to wake us up, followed by chatter […]

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Meditation explained

Category : General advice 2nd December 2019

Inside Yoga 286 (2/12/2019) Many people I teach tell me that they find meditation hard: so in answer to such comments, the following is an explanation which aims to make meditational more accessible and achievable as a practice. When someone tells me that meditation is hard, I agree meditation is hard. This might not be the answer they expect, because […]

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Look up and see

Category : General advice 18th November 2019

Inside Yoga 285 (18/11/2019) Would you walk down a busy street with your head down reading a book? For most of us, the first thought would be “of course not, I would trip or bump into something”! So why do so many of us do this with our phones? I spend much of my time outside offices, waiting to go […]

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Yoga has my back

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice 2nd November 2019

Inside Yoga 284 (28/10/2019) “Here I go again,” I thought as I pulled my back recently, while doing some menial task in the house, and as the surprise of pain changed swiftly to survival mode, I sought to find a comfortable position – a fruitless goal as it turned out! Though lying on my back seemed the least compromised position. […]

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Sticking to the point

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice 21st October 2019

Inside Yoga 283 (21/10/2019) One of the hardest aspects of yoga practice whether it is asanas (postures) or dhayana (meditation) is the ability to stick the point, in other words maintaining our full attention to our body, our mind and our breathing while practising. One of the best examples of how this is true is a standing balancing posture like […]

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All change!

Category : General advice, Philosophy 14th October 2019

Inside Yoga 282 (14/10/2019) As we move through the transition season of autumn, leaving summer far behind and with the cold of winter on the horizon, it is a reminder that change is all around us. Change is one of the facts of life that we cannot ignore, even though we do our best to ignore or resist it. In […]

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Mindfulness is not a product

Category : General advice 7th October 2019

Inside Yoga 281 (7/10/2019) While looking for inspiration for my next article, I looked through my archives and found the blog below posted four years ago; and reading again, I decided to share it again, because the message remains the relevant. Mindfulness is free and it is not a product, read on… When I was on holiday we had stopped […]

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Yoga offers us a base

Category : Asanas (Postures), Philosophy 30th September 2019

Inside Yoga 280 (30/9/2019) Yoga is a practice which offers us a base where we can seek refuge and rebalance our self, ready for the world beyond our own body and mind. This is one of the reasons why our yoga practice is designed to be repetitive, with its postures, breathing and meditation, because we use them to ground ourselves […]

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Why altruism helps us

Category : General advice 23rd September 2019

Inside Yoga 279 (23/9/2019) We grow up being told that we must look after number one and at the same time that we need to think of others. How can we look after the well-being of others by being altruistic whilst at same time look after our self? Tibetan Buddhist the Dalai Lama wrote that if we are to be […]

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Yoga: moving to stillness

Category : General advice, Philosophy 16th September 2019

Inside Yoga 278 (16/9/2019) Last week I wrote about the importance of stillness in yoga and why the aim to find stillness is so important, but what about movement? How can moving help us find stillness? We are people who can get stuck, often emotionally and mentally and our body responds accordingly. There are times when our bodies feel stuck, […]

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