All change!

Category : Featured, General advice, Philosophy 14th October 2019

Inside Yoga 282 (14/10/2019) As we move through the transition season of autumn, leaving summer far behind and with the cold of winter on the horizon, it is a reminder that change is all around us. Change is one of the facts of life that we cannot ignore, even though we do our best to ignore or resist it. In […]

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Mindfulness is not a product

Category : General advice 7th October 2019

Inside Yoga 281 (7/10/2019) While looking for inspiration for my next article, I looked through my archives and found the blog below posted four years ago; and reading again, I decided to share it again, because the message remains the relevant. Mindfulness is free and it is not a product, read on… When I was on holiday we had stopped […]

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Yoga offers us a base

Category : Asanas (Postures), Philosophy 30th September 2019

Inside Yoga 280 (30/9/2019) Yoga is a practice which offers us a base where we can seek refuge and rebalance our self, ready for the world beyond our own body and mind. This is one of the reasons why our yoga practice is designed to be repetitive, with its postures, breathing and meditation, because we use them to ground ourselves […]

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Why altruism helps us

Category : General advice 23rd September 2019

Inside Yoga 279 (23/9/2019) We grow up being told that we must look after number one and at the same time that we need to think of others. How can we look after the well-being of others by being altruistic whilst at same time look after our self? Tibetan Buddhist the Dalai Lama wrote that if we are to be […]

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Yoga: moving to stillness

Category : General advice, Philosophy 16th September 2019

Inside Yoga 278 (16/9/2019) Last week I wrote about the importance of stillness in yoga and why the aim to find stillness is so important, but what about movement? How can moving help us find stillness? We are people who can get stuck, often emotionally and mentally and our body responds accordingly. There are times when our bodies feel stuck, […]

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Yoga: The importance of stillness

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice, Philosophy 9th September 2019

Inside Yoga 277 (9/9/2019) Yoga can be appear to be many things to many people with so many interpretations of what kind of yoga practice a person can practice creating a picture that can appear complex and confusing. In order to simplify the main objective of yoga there is one word – stillness. At the heart of any yoga practice […]

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Getting a home yoga practice going

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice 22nd July 2019

Inside Yoga 276 (22/7/2019) As we approach the summer break when my weekly classes come to an end many of you will be thinking, I must practice at home a bit more, or even start practising at home. Developing a home practice is easier than you would think though it does require perseverance! Here are some tips on how to […]

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Is yoga meant to be relaxing?

Category : General advice, Philosophy 15th July 2019

Inside Yoga 275 (15/7/2019) Spoiler alert: the answer to the question, is yoga meant to be relaxing?, is both yes and no, because as we find in life most questions cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, and in particular, this question is asking what is the purpose not what do we think we are going to get […]

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Birthdays and why they’re special

Category : General advice, Philosophy 1st July 2019

Inside Yoga 274 (1/7/2019) I have just emerged from a busy weekend celebrating my wife’s birthday – a significant one with a 0! – and as I sit here thinking what do I write about? It is clear: write about birthdays and why they are special. Consider this: a birthday is how we mark a special point in time. It […]

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International Day of Yoga

Category : General advice 24th June 2019

Inside Yoga 273 (24/6/2019) Last Friday, June 21, was International Day of Yoga, and this was celebrated across the world in various ways, especially in India where yoga comes from. The International Day of Yoga, often called International Yoga Day, is a recognised event according to the UN, which states: “Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that […]

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