Seeking perfection in practice

Category : Asanas (Postures), Featured, Philosophy 11th February 2019

Inside Yoga 260 (11/2/2019) In the source yoga texts written by Patanjali he describes what we seek through our practice of yoga asanas (physical exercises) in terms of two qualities: alertness and relaxation. The sutra (2.46) states that “asana must have the dual qualities of alertness and relaxation”, according to TKV Desikachar, or according to BKS Iyengar, “Asana is perfect […]

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Paying attention and why it’s important

Category : General advice, Philosophy 4th February 2019

Inside Yoga 259 (4/2/2019) Are you paying attention? Then I will begin. Yoga is that simple. It asks us to pay attention in order to train our mind to focus and avoid distraction, yet we often slip into a distracted state of mind and spend so much time there we might think that is our normal state of mind. In […]

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Have a look inside

Category : General advice, Philosophy 28th January 2019

Inside Yoga 258 (28/1/2019) Anyone who has attended a yoga class is familiar with being told to look within, but how many of us understand why looking within is important. After all there is so much around us, we might feel we haven’t time to look inside, or feel it’s a bit egotistical to navel gaze. One of the guidelines […]

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Importance of tapas

Category : General advice, Philosophy 21st January 2019

Inside Yoga 257 (21/1/2019) Tapas is important: but before you think I am writing a culinary review, tapas is not the Spanish style of eating, but a Sanskrit word which describes the kind of passion, drive and determination we need in life to achieve anything, and in this includes having the motivation to practice yoga as often as possible and […]

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How much time do we have?

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice, Philosophy 14th January 2019

Inside Yoga 256 (14/1/2019) What is our relationship with time? Do we seek to control time? Do we need more time? Or do we want to slow or speed it up? Whatever our answers might be, time has always been beyond our grasp or control. Yet if we seek to improve the quality of our life we need to understand […]

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Too much of everything

Category : General advice 7th January 2019

Inside Yoga 255 (7/1/2019) Happy New Year: it is a new year and this means for many of us a new year’s resolution to change something about our life. Here is a suggestion: instead of looking for something to add to our life, look at what we can cut out or reduce in our life. Simplifying our life can be […]

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A time for generosity

Category : General advice 17th December 2018

Inside Yoga 254 (17/12/2018) What does Christmas mean to you? In politics one should never ask a question without knowing the answer. Perhaps I should not have asked the question about Christmas, because the festive season means so many things to so many people?! Yet, perhaps I can simplify the intention of Christmas in one word: generosity. Leaving aside the […]

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In sync with the seasons

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice 10th December 2018

Inside Yoga 253 (10/12/2018) It’s gloomy, it’s wet, it’s cold, it’s windy, and it happens every winter yet many of us react with incredulity that the weather is so bad, plus, we wonder why we don’t feel that great at the moment, instead we feel lethargic, moody and simply flat. Welcome to winter… but does it have to be this […]

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Yoga at G20 Summit

Category : General advice 3rd December 2018

Inside Yoga 252 (3/12/18) While world leaders were at the G20 meeting in Argentina last week it is reported that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a yoga class called Yoga for Peace. It might have been a sideshow and missed by most of the world’s press who were more interested in Trump, Putin and May, and the rest, but […]

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Yoga is not a product

Category : General advice 26th November 2018

Inside Yoga 251 (26/11/2018) What happened to the idea that beauty lies within? One of the national papers is running a story about a beauty skin product called Yogaskin. It is a cosmetic product which claims to give the user “the look as a glow that looks as fresh and juicy as if you’ve just stepped out of the yoga […]

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