What happens after your eureka moment?

Category : Featured, General advice, Philosophy 15th October 2018

Inside Yoga 245 (15/10/18) Most of us will have experienced one or two eureka moments, and many hope this will happen during our meditation practice, because the Buddha had his, so why not me?! Finding the answer, and meaning, to life and the rest is not that simple, or perhaps it is, but the purpose of this article is not […]

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Struggling with your thoughts? You’re not alone

Category : General advice, Philosophy 8th October 2018

Inside Yoga 244 (8/10/2018) It is hard to believe that our own mind is actually our own mind if we consider that we struggle to control it and keep having unwanted thoughts? Yet it is our mind and we need to find ways of taming it! This is what the practice of yoga is really all about, controlling the fluctuations […]

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Meditation with exercises not exercises with meditation

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice, Philosophy 1st October 2018

Inside Yoga 243 (1/10/2018) Last week I was talking with a few people who had just finished a class with me, and one them said that her partner says she should do yoga all the time because when she gets back from my weekly class she is so calm etc. She said he asks her what she did to get […]

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Stealing our time

Category : General advice, Philosophy 24th September 2018

Inside Yoga 242 (24/9/2018) During a recent radio interview survival expert Ray Mears said that he thought that the makers of apps and other social media platforms were stealing our time. This comment struck me because it is a step further down the line from saying these inventions take up a lot of our time. Attitudes towards these inventions, which […]

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Why are Mondays so disliked?

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice, Philosophy 17th September 2018

Inside Yoga 241 (17/9/2018) Bob Geldof was not the first person to say he didn’t like Mondays, though possibly the first who had a hit song with the title! Yet, why do so many of us dislike Mondays? Or, more to the point, should we be giving this unwelcome thought so much space and time to put us in either […]

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Back to the beginning

Category : General advice, Philosophy 10th September 2018

Inside Yoga 240 (10/9/2018) After the summer break I have gradually got back into the rhythm of work, or have I? I am teaching again and that has got off to a good start, but I have not written a blog for a month and the inspired moment seems to elude me – or rather those moments came when I […]

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Reducing chronic pain by meditation

Category : General advice, Philosophy 31st July 2018

Inside Yoga 239 (31/7/18) Here’s an interesting about one man’s battle with chronic pain, and how he found that meditation helped to reduce his pain levels. Henri Astier suffers from Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, also known as Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, and it is interesting article which shows how the mind is such a big factor in how we respond to […]

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Yoga and the ego

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice, Philosophy 16th July 2018

Inside Yoga 238 (16/7/2018) According to research by Southampton University “neither yoga nor meditation quiet the ego; instead, they boost self-enhancement.” This research might appear to blow the lid on the credibility of yoga but like many things in life this is not as straight forward as it appears. Yoga is a practice which guides us and teaches us how […]

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Yoga comes to Disneyworld!

Category : General advice 2nd July 2018

Inside Yoga 237 (2/7/2018) Cinderella might still go to the ball and Mickey might be goofing around, but they and the staff at Disneyworld in Florida attended a yoga class in front of the princess’s castle. Just goes to show that even when having fun in a magical kingdom we all could do with yoga. See story via link https://www.660news.com/2018/07/01/disney-workers-find-peace-with-yoga-at-cinderella-castle-2/ […]

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Internet addiction time-bomb

Category : General advice, Philosophy 25th June 2018

Inside Yoga 236 (25/6/2018) According to news reports last week the rise in addiction to online activities has become a medical problem with medical bodies such as the NHS providing support for this, and this problem is not going away but getting worse. Computers and the internet was once seen as wonderful inventions which were going radically improve our lives, […]

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