In sync with the seasons

Category : Asanas (Postures), Featured, General advice 10th December 2018

Inside Yoga 253 (10/12/2018) It’s gloomy, it’s wet, it’s cold, it’s windy, and it happens every winter yet many of us react with incredulity that the weather is so bad, plus, we wonder why we don’t feel that great at the moment, instead we feel lethargic, moody and simply flat. Welcome to winter… but does it have to be this […]

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Yoga at G20 Summit

Category : General advice 3rd December 2018

Inside Yoga 252 (3/12/18) While world leaders were at the G20 meeting in Argentina last week it is reported that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a yoga class called Yoga for Peace. It might have been a sideshow and missed by most of the world’s press who were more interested in Trump, Putin and May, and the rest, but […]

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Yoga is not a product

Category : General advice 26th November 2018

Inside Yoga 251 (26/11/2018) What happened to the idea that beauty lies within? One of the national papers is running a story about a beauty skin product called Yogaskin. It is a cosmetic product which claims to give the user “the look as a glow that looks as fresh and juicy as if you’ve just stepped out of the yoga […]

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A special day or just another day?

Category : General advice, Philosophy 19th November 2018

Inside yoga 250 (19/11/2018) I recently had my birthday. It was not a significant birthday, I had not reached 100 years old, yet it there were moments when it felt special and other moments when I wanted to treat it as just another day. Why are birthdays special and why isn’t every day special? General consensus is that birthdays mark […]

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Do we need answers?

Category : General advice, Philosophy 12th November 2018

Inside yoga 249 We have become accustomed to getting answers, and more importantly we are conditioned to expect answers when seeking them, and this is especially the case when it comes to the spiritual practices. What is the meaning of life and so forth? One of my Buddhist teachers, Stephen Batchelor, has written a fascinating book called ‘After Buddhism’, subtitled, […]

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Yoga is your refuge

Category : General advice 5th November 2018

Inside Yoga 248 (5/11/2018) There are many reasons why we practice yoga and its importance varies from time to time, we might even feel quite ambivalent towards yoga and our practice while it ticks along, but it is when we are going through a difficult period that we are able to realise how valuable our practice is to us. By […]

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Developing x-ray vision

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice 29th October 2018

Inside Yoga 247 (29/10/2018) One of the biggest barriers to yoga practice is being distracted and lost in thought, with our mind travelling far away from our body into long storylines of memories or plans for a future. Developing x-ray vision is a good way bringing us back and re-connecting with our body and breathing. When we practice yoga we […]

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Do we know our body clock?

Category : General advice 22nd October 2018

Inside Yoga 246 (22/10/2018) These days it’s hard not to know what time is it is, with phones at hand (in some cases they are glued to our hands), gadgets on wrists, and tablets everywhere, yet many of us ignore what our internal body clock says. Last week I watched I fascinating programme called “Body Clock: What makes us tick?” […]

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What happens after your eureka moment?

Category : General advice, Philosophy 15th October 2018

Inside Yoga 245 (15/10/18) Most of us will have experienced one or two eureka moments, and many hope this will happen during our meditation practice, because the Buddha had his, so why not me?! Finding the answer, and meaning, to life and the rest is not that simple, or perhaps it is, but the purpose of this article is not […]

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Struggling with your thoughts? You’re not alone

Category : General advice, Philosophy 8th October 2018

Inside Yoga 244 (8/10/2018) It is hard to believe that our own mind is actually our own mind if we consider that we struggle to control it and keep having unwanted thoughts? Yet it is our mind and we need to find ways of taming it! This is what the practice of yoga is really all about, controlling the fluctuations […]

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