Our animal instincts are taking over: bog roll stock piling

Category : Featured, General advice, Philosophy 21st March 2020

Inside Yoga 297 (21/3/2020) Last week we witnessed the selfishness of so many people who emptied the shelves of any type of toilet paper. Things have progressed since to everything being stockpiled including paper for home schooling, but back to the bog roll, why the run on it? There was a good joke doing the rounds: when one person coughs, […]

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Looking after our breath

Category : General advice 16th March 2020

Inside Yoga 296 (3/3/2020) At the heart of our yoga practice is our breathing, in fact, our breathing is integral to our health, and with these uncertain times with the outbreak of Coronavirus it is especially important to maintain our health and this starts with how we breathe. In yoga the concept of prana is vitally important: prana is the […]

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Rise in number of children with sleep disorders

Category : General advice 9th March 2020

Inside Yoga 295 (9/3/2020) This might be a departure from yoga news, but I felt this is an important issue which we, as adults, might be sleep walking into; a report in my Saturday newspaper said that hospitals have seen a doubling of cases of insomnia in children over the past seven years. Experts have described the situation, such as […]

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Getting our home in order

Category : General advice 24th February 2020

Inside Yoga 294 (24/2/2020) How can we sum up yoga? One of the ways I describe yoga is likening ourselves to a house which we need to keep in order, cleaned, functioning, comfortable and anything else which will make our home the place to be. When we have a problem with the electrics or plumbing we call someone in the […]

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Silencing our thoughts

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice, Philosophy 10th February 2020

Inside Yoga 293 (10/2/2020) When meditating we seek to avoid thinking and if a thought does arise we aim to drop it swiftly and without delay, yet some thoughts are more stubborn than others. How do we stop our thoughts in their tracks? There is no doubt that meditating requires effort and determination, because even if we sit still for […]

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Retreating to win

Category : General advice, Philosophy 3rd February 2020

Inside Yoga 292 (3/2/2020) There are times when we just need a break from everything, when all we want is a moment to retreat from the demands the world, and most of the time, the idea of a running off to a far-off place though the most appealing option is the least practical and unlikely to happen… especially if we […]

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Life’s journey through uncertainty

Category : General advice, Philosophy 20th January 2020

Inside Yoga 291 (20/1/2020) Many of us spend a lot of our time worrying, whether it is something we regret in the past or something we might face in the future, either way, anxiety is there, because we do not feel certain about things. Pliny wrote a long time ago, “There is nothing certain but uncertainty.” Of course, there are […]

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What are you looking at?

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice 13th January 2020

Inside Yoga 290 (13/1/2020) When practising yoga, whether it is yoga asanas (exercises) or dhayana (meditation) the eyes need something to look at, this is called drishti, a point of gaze or focus. During yoga practice we seek to control the physical body through exercises, and keep the mind focused and quiet, with its attention on the body and breathing. […]

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New year’s resolutions

Category : General advice, Philosophy 6th January 2020

Inside Yoga 289 (6/1/2020) We are back to the beginning again, with a near year, and this time it’s a new decade, so we are possibly filled with greater expectations? But does a new year make any difference? The start of another year is usually filled with resolutions to “start as we mean to go on”, to make changes, and […]

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Yoga: a cure for Festive Fatigue and Christmas Conflict

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice 16th December 2019

Inside Yoga 288 (16/12/2019) It is that time of year when we are under pressure to buy things for people we barely like or see, get together with folk we struggle to see eye to eye with, and on top of it the kids are so excited we wonder where they get the energy, because it is cold and wet […]

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