Bad backs, slipped and prolapsed discs are injuries that many of us face. There is a lot that can be done to help a back problem:

Stability and strength – yoga exercises that help build up core stability, which is now in need of attention either because it has never been developed or it has deteriorated since the injury eg prolapsed disc.

Flexibility – the discomfort caused by a bad back can be solved through improving flexibility; and for those who have had surgery or serious injuries, such as prolapse, it is imporant to rebuild mobility and flexibility since the injury

Awareness – an important part of yoga is our awareness of our body, and for some, we can reach a point in our life where we have lost that connection and awareness of our body. One of the results of this disconnection is a bad back or stiffness in other parts of the body. What we do in yoga is reconnect with our body and this simple process can help improve our ability to redress bad posture and habits which have caused the back pain.

Muscular ailments: our body might be in such a poor condition that our body constantly feels strained and stiff, and simply uncomfortable. working in the same way as with skeletal problems, we learn to increase strength, flexibility and awareness.

And overall, if you feel that yoiu want to improve your health and quality of life, this is where yoga helps – we aim to get rid of what we do not need.

In person class – in your home or work,
One hour class costs £60 daytime; £70 evening after 6pm
Discount: A block of 4 one-hour classes costs £55 per hour daytime = £220 for 4 classes, dates can vary; £65 per hr class (=£260) evening after 6pm, (there might be a surcharge for locations outside Bristol and North Somerset)

Online yoga class
One hour Class costs £35 daytime, £45 after 6pm
Discount: Block of 4 classes = £120 (£30 per hour); after 6pm £160