Why Santa needs to do yoga!

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice, Philosophy 18th December 2017

Inside Yoga 220 (18/12/2017)
With Christmas approaching I decided to post a festive blog and had a browse of cyberspace to see if there is anything out there. Top of the list was a blog posted in Huffington Post suggesting that Santa needs to practice yoga!
The reasoning is straightforward and makes sense: Santa has a tough job carrying heavy loads, working in a treacherous environment with risks of slipping on ice, falling from roof tops, and let’s face it, his not a young fella.
So it makes sense that he practises yoga as the article points out: “Yoga also helps with body awareness by improving proprioception, a sensory skill of being in tune with the position of your body. Studies of yoga in seniors have found that yoga improves balance and mobility and reduces fear of falling and stress.”
So remember, whatever your age, if yoga can help Santa, it can also help you. And remember at this festive time, it is also part of your practice to enjoy yourself, eat and drink (in moderation, of course!) over Christmas, and pick up the pieces in the New Year!
This might seem contrary to the discipline of yoga, but it is acknowledged in yoga and in Buddhism too, that periodically it is worth letting your hair down, indulging (with awareness, of course), eat and be merry as they say, as this break from the challenges of keeping up with your daily life might be just what you need.
When I was studying Tibetan Buddhism in India and Nepal, I was told if one has studied too hard in their meditation practices and studies and suffering ill health as a result, in other words, you are overworked – the advice was to take a break, eat and drink (in moderation of course!) and surprising as this advice came from monk, have sex! All these acts reduce stress, give us a break, and then we can resume our studies or work. (Note: don’t worry about the last part of the above three if not available!).
Last but not least, at this time of year it’s also worth remembering to get enough sleep, because we humans ignore our needs and the clues which nature offers. In winter nature all round us has slowed down or is hibernating, yet we continue to maintain the same rhythms and tempo as we do in summer, and wonder why we are exhausted and stressed!
Have a Merry Christmas
To see Huff Post blog: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/marlynn-wei-md-jd/this-is-why-santa-should-do-yoga_b_8849218.html
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