Clearing the canvas

Category : Asanas (Postures), Featured, General advice, Philosophy 12th October 2020

Inside Yoga 310 (9/10/2020) Times are tough at present, there is no doubt about it, this pandemic is testing our resolve and ability to cope, many will feel worn down by all the bad news, and others just want to hide until it blows over. We are like jugglers struggling to keep too many balls in the air, with added […]

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Be prepared to be surprised

Category : General advice, Philosophy 2nd October 2020

Inside Yoga 309 (2/10/20) We have heard the expression repeatedly over the past six months: uncertain times. Our reliable life is no longer reliable, because we want to know what is going on, and at present, we don’t know what will happen next. We want order, we want certainty and we want to go back to normal, if we can […]

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Staying positive

Category : General advice, Philosophy 20th September 2020

Inside Yoga 308 (20/9/2020) Perhaps I can speak for most of us, but doesn’t all the Covid news get us down, or at worst encourage a worrying mind? After six months it is not surprising that many will find it hard to see the bright side? I posit this thought: after seeing one interview where the person passionately argued (or […]

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Worrying about the future

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice, Philosophy 24th August 2020

Inside Yoga 307 (24/8/20) It’s normal to think a lot, and if we look carefully at our thoughts, we will see that most of our thoughts are about plans and rehearsing the future, or if it is not this, we are thinking about the past, whether it is regrets or reminiscing. And often we get stuck on particular thought patterns, […]

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How long is yoga?

Category : General advice 3rd August 2020

Inside Yoga 306 (3/8/20) How long have we got to practice, how long do we give each posture, and how long is a piece of string? Important questions, and fortunately yoga is a flexible practice! This is a message for those of us who feel we never have enough time to practice yoga. We do have time, because there is […]

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When normal became wonderful!

Category : General advice, Philosophy 13th July 2020

Inside Yoga 305 (13/7/2020) Last a week on of my yoga students said: “I hadn’t realised how wonderful normality was until I didn’t have it.” Spot on I thought. For so many of us, living with lockdown due to the current pandemic, this comment sums up our situation so well, because with our life’s patterns having changed so much we […]

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Soften, settle and stretch

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice 24th June 2020

Inside Yoga 304 (24/6/2020) As we continue to live under the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are most likely feeling stressed not just in mind but also body, suffering from fatigue and all that goes with this unusual existence. And with it, the need to get the most out of our yoga practice. There are three words which sum […]

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Reclaim your calmness and carry on

Category : General advice, Philosophy 18th May 2020

Inside Yoga 303 (18/5/2020) As a slogan, the World War 2 poster campaign “Keep calm and carry on” was an effective message for the population as it fought the Nazi threat, and as we fight the invisible enemy that is Covid-19 we are often reminded of this message, as government and media use the war time metaphors as a way […]

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Alone with others

Category : General advice, Philosophy 11th May 2020

Inside Yoga 302 (11/5/2020) We are alone, but at the same time, we are with others. One of my meditation teachers, Stephen Batchelor, wrote several books on Buddhism and related subjects, often with titles which spoke volumes. During the current lockdown, due to Covid-19, I have often thought about one book title which sums up how many of us must […]

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What are we waiting for?

Category : General advice, Philosophy 27th April 2020

Inside Yoga 301 (27/4/2020) Are you a habitual “waiter”? How much of your life do you spend waiting? It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living. These are comments made by the writer Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now, and this morning while I was looking for ideas of something […]

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