Yoga: a cure for Festive Fatigue and Christmas Conflict

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice 16th December 2019

Inside Yoga 288 (16/12/2019)

It is that time of year when we are under pressure to buy things for people we barely like or see, get together with folk we struggle to see eye to eye with, and on top of it the kids are so excited we wonder where they get the energy, because it is cold and wet and just want to crawl under the duvet and sleep.

Or, you love Christmas but keep burning the candle at both ends, and feel wiped out by all the festivities: either way, we can all benefit from yoga, meditation, or quiet time, at this time of the year, and this is why…

Yoga exercises

Remember when we feel fatigued, restless, or worried that we cannot get everything done it time for Christmas Day, practising a little bit of yoga asanas (exercises) can help restore our batteries: we are then in a better place to deal with whatever lies ahead of us; and if we cannot get it all done a meditative approach of acceptance might help us realise that we did what we could and everything is fine. It is just Christmas after all, it will fly by. Plus, remember you yoga will help you in the post-Christmas period of exhaustion.

What is clear is that when we most need our yoga practice we skip it because we are too stressed/tired/worn out to practice.

Quiet time

Use your practice to get a short respite from Christmas chaos, it could be a class, or a short practice at home. I emphasise that doing a little bit of practice often is better than a lot occasionally. So remember it might be just 10 minutes on a yoga mat but it could well be what you needed to take the edge off the mounting stress, nip it in the bud, and prevent it getting too much. Now: I know you know this, we all tend to know what is good for us: but what is important is action, because we might well nod our head in agreement with what I am writing, but doing something about it is crucial. Do not procrastinate… act.


A few minutes of stillness, whether we call it meditation or not, is a good antidote to the accumulating stress and anxiety we can all feel at this time of the year. It can be done in so many places, at home, in a quiet room, in our office if that is possible, in a park, in the car (if parked in a safe place of course!). In fact, a supermarket car park is a good place to have a few minutes to our self. Avoid rushing straight in when you park. Pause and have a couple of minutes, in silence, with eyes closed perhaps, and let yourself soothe the spirit, calm yourself, and then carry on. Or when at home go to another room where you will not be disturbed and have some quiet time to calm the nerves and find some energy. Another good place to go is the toilet: people rarely disturb you while in there (except of course public lavs which are either very busy or smell too much to stay, or both!). Once in a quiet place, just sit and meditate on the breathing.

Ease the pressure

There is not much more I need to write because I am sure you get the point: we can be like a pressure cooker, letting the steam build up, and if we are not careful it will blow. Take the pressure off with regular moments to yourself. It might be just what you need.

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