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Category : General advice 24th February 2020

Inside Yoga 294 (24/2/2020)

How can we sum up yoga? One of the ways I describe yoga is likening ourselves to a house which we need to keep in order, cleaned, functioning, comfortable and anything else which will make our home the place to be.

When we have a problem with the electrics or plumbing we call someone in the get rid of short circuits, or blockages in the plumbing. In a similar way we use our yoga practice to put our own house in order, this being our body and mind.

It might mean certain physical exercises, it could mean gentle resting exercises, or perhaps seated or lying meditation is what we need at that moment, or a particular week or month. Or for most of us, it means a regular practice which keeps us going.

Houses need constant cleaning and maintenance, and so do we.

Yoga is a practice we keep going, even if we feel fine, like regular cleaning and maintenance of our house.

Or perhaps, we need to focus on getting rid of an injury or an unwanted emotional state possible caused by increasing pressures in work or family life. That’s when we do something more intensive with the house, spring cleaning or calling in a building or plumber. Similarly, we do what’s needed to fix our house, whether it’s the bricks and mortar, or own body and mind.

It is a simple analogy, but one I believe sums up what yoga offers us and how we should approach its use as a practice.

With yoga we get rid of what we do not need in our life, it might be quick, or it might take a long time. In a similar way, we are constantly tidying up our homes, getting rid of the clutter and making it a more comfortable place to live. And periodically we need to do some major work on our home. Treat yoga in a same way.

And it is never ending: both are! Keeping our home clean and comfortable is a constant practice whether it’s our body and mind; or the bricks and mortar we live in.

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