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Category : General advice 21st March 2021

Inside Yoga 316 (21/3/2021)

I have spent years reminding myself to stop, as I have reminded those I teach to stop… and listen, but if you will not take it from me, why not Sir David Attenborough, because surely you will listen to him! He said recently, “One of the simplest things that you should do if you get the chance, when you get the chance, is just naturally to stop.”

Some of the most effective ways of soothing our spirit, and calming our chatter (both from the mouth and head) are really quite simple. So simple we ignore and forget. So this is a timely reminder and from the wisdom of Sir David Attenborough.

I came across his comments in a newspaper article about stopping, silence, and above all doing this in nature where we can then really hear the nature around us.

In terms in well-being, stopping and letting the sounds of nature soothe ourselves is so effective.

Do this when on your next walk, whether it’s woodland, countryside or a park in town or city. Sir David said: “Keep quiet. Wait 10 minutes. You’ll be very surprised if something pretty interesting didn’t happen within 10 minutes. Doing that in a woodland, if you haven’t done it, is extraordinary. Don’t get too impatient either.”

His last comment so pertinent, because we can be so impatient and in a hurry, and perhaps miss out on the beauty and charm of where we are walking.

Take heed of Sir David. Stop and listen.

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Love this Gary, and with the nice weather drawing us all out, a timely reminder!!

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