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Category : Asanas (Postures) 23rd March 2022

Since 2020, the pandemic has changed how many of us live and how we seek yoga classes;
Many of us work from home, or find ourselves at home a lot more, so why not bring the yoga to our home?
Wherever you are, I offer you the opportunity to practice yoga.
I offer yoga lessons in your own home (or it could be where you work): I can travel to you to teach in person, one-to-one yoga;
or you can have your yoga lesson via Zoom online, you in your home, and me in mine – one of the changes the pandemic has resulted in.

Yoga helps reduce stress, helps us focus, and basically helps to get rid of what we do not need, and let’s face it, there is always stuff, distracting us, draining us and stopping us from feeling on top of what we must do in our lives.
Yoga is the antidote to hectic.

We have busy lives and time is precious: I offer yoga for you in your home, in Bristol and North Somerset.
Or if it is online, where you are is not important, the digital universe does not worry about location!
How many? It can be just you, equally, it can be for two or three of you.

Why ask for a private, one-to-one class?
+ You might want a private class as a way of starting yoga before joining a group class
+ Perhaps an injury or illness makes yoga difficult, and you want help getting back into yoga, possibly before going back to a public group classes.
+ You might be so busy, having a private class is the best way of practising.
+ In fact, it doesn’t really matter why, if you want a private lesson, just ask me

Private yoga classes are tailor-made to suit you.

In person class – in your home or work,
One hour class costs £50 daytime; £55 evening from 6pm
Discount: A block of 4 one-hour classes costs £45 per hour daytime; £50 evening after 6pm, (there might be a surcharge for locations outside Bristol and North Somerset)

Online yoga class
One hour Class costs £30 daytime, £40 after 6pm
Discount: Block of 4 classes = £100 (£25 per hour); after 6pm £140

Blocks: Booking a block of 4 or more clases is recommended as this gives you time to get a better idea of what yoga can offer (than you would from just one class) and also it gives me time as your teacher to see what will work best for you in terms of a yoga practice.
There are numerous reasons to have private lessons: good for beginners as personal attention means you learn more in one lesson than you can in a group lesson – learn the basics and get started in yoga. This works well as a confidence builder, prior to joining a group class; or for someone returning to yoga after injury or illness; or as a refresher after a long break from yoga.

Classes at your home/work: Region covered: Bristol/North Somerset/Bath and North-East Somerset/South Gloucestershire – some locations will have an added fee depending on mileage.

Equipment: Gary brings with him yoga mats, belts, blocks and bolsters for the class.

Why have a private lesson?
Yoga is a holistic practice which sees each person as an individual with their own make up, constitution and needs. In other words, a yoga practice can help everyone and all is needed is to find the type of practice which is appropriate and beneficial. This is especially important when we want to find a solution to our situation, but are unable to attend group classes, because it is too difficult physically or we do not feel confident enough to attend a group class. For details about Yoga Therapy – see page on this website.

The focus is on the client and his/her needs. The advantage of a private class is that you benefit from the individual attention and we can focus on your needs – be it the wish to learn yoga quicker by getting individual tuition, or regain health or strength after sickness or injury. A client can learn a lot about themselves and their practice in the one-to-one situation – and many clients have commented that they learn more than they do in a group class.

Injury or sickness: The classes can be used to help recover from an injury or sickness; or you might want to develop a personal yoga practice, which is specific to your needs or lifestyle.

Sports: One-to-one classes are suitable for sports people who would like to use yoga practice to improve their performance and maintain their health and reduce sport-related injuries. Footballer Ryan Giggs, formerly of Manchester United, said he used yoga to help maintain his health and ability to play. Gary has worked with several runners and many find that the yoga practice helps both performance and prevention of injury.

“The advantages of private tuition for me have been that Gary has tailored his explanations and teaching for my particular needs – my technique has improved along with my awareness of the corrections needed to really get the most benefit from the postures. It has also been great to be able to flex my practice with Gary to particular needs and energy levels I have on any given day. I would recommend private lessons to anyone needing a bit more attention or confidence to develop or kick-start their yoga journey.” – Felicity B, 2015

See my website page for private yoga classes at

Cancellation policy: Bookings that are cancelled/changed within 24 hours of appointment time will be charged at full price (special circumstances are considered).

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