Alone with others

Category : General advice, Philosophy 11th May 2020

Inside Yoga 302 (11/5/2020) We are alone, but at the same time, we are with others. One of my meditation teachers, Stephen Batchelor, wrote several books on Buddhism and related subjects, often with titles which spoke volumes. During the current lockdown, due to Covid-19, I have often thought about one book title which sums up how many of us must […]

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What are we waiting for?

Category : General advice, Philosophy 27th April 2020

Inside Yoga 301 (27/4/2020) Are you a habitual “waiter”? How much of your life do you spend waiting? It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living. These are comments made by the writer Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now, and this morning while I was looking for ideas of something […]

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Gratitude as a healer and unifier

Category : General advice, Philosophy 13th April 2020

Inside Yoga 300 (13/4/20) It is something so simple, but at the same time, it can be so hard to feel when we are struggling: gratitude is a healer of the heart and mind. It is a meditational practice as well as a straight forward piece of advice which simply says, when we feel down, when we feel angry at […]

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Not knowing, conspiracy theories, beliefs and certainty

Category : General advice, Philosophy 7th April 2020

Inside Yoga 299 (7/4/20) Us humans like to know what is happening, we need to know why and what will happen, we really do not like uncertainty and not knowing, and this is why we are seeing so much chatter on social media and news platforms at present surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, with theories bouncing off the virtual wall of […]

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In stressful times what do we do?

Category : General advice, Philosophy 2nd April 2020

Inside Yoga 298 (2/4/2020) We are living in extraordinary times: through history we have often heard these words. Meditation teachers have used this expression to highlight the need to be attentive and mindful of what is happening right now and not to let our mind wander off into future planning or past reflections, but now, today, it has more poignancy […]

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Our animal instincts are taking over: bog roll stock piling

Category : General advice, Philosophy 21st March 2020

Inside Yoga 297 (21/3/2020) Last week we witnessed the selfishness of so many people who emptied the shelves of any type of toilet paper. Things have progressed since to everything being stockpiled including paper for home schooling, but back to the bog roll, why the run on it? There was a good joke doing the rounds: when one person coughs, […]

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Looking after our breath

Category : General advice 16th March 2020

Inside Yoga 296 (3/3/2020) At the heart of our yoga practice is our breathing, in fact, our breathing is integral to our health, and with these uncertain times with the outbreak of Coronavirus it is especially important to maintain our health and this starts with how we breathe. In yoga the concept of prana is vitally important: prana is the […]

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Rise in number of children with sleep disorders

Category : General advice 9th March 2020

Inside Yoga 295 (9/3/2020) This might be a departure from yoga news, but I felt this is an important issue which we, as adults, might be sleep walking into; a report in my Saturday newspaper said that hospitals have seen a doubling of cases of insomnia in children over the past seven years. Experts have described the situation, such as […]

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Getting our home in order

Category : General advice 24th February 2020

Inside Yoga 294 (24/2/2020) How can we sum up yoga? One of the ways I describe yoga is likening ourselves to a house which we need to keep in order, cleaned, functioning, comfortable and anything else which will make our home the place to be. When we have a problem with the electrics or plumbing we call someone in the […]

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Silencing our thoughts

Category : Asanas (Postures), General advice, Philosophy 10th February 2020

Inside Yoga 293 (10/2/2020) When meditating we seek to avoid thinking and if a thought does arise we aim to drop it swiftly and without delay, yet some thoughts are more stubborn than others. How do we stop our thoughts in their tracks? There is no doubt that meditating requires effort and determination, because even if we sit still for […]

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