An antidote to the ill-effects of Brexit

Category : General advice 11th March 2019

Inside yoga 263 (11/3/2019)

Since the Brexit vote in 2016 we have seen our country being torn apart, stressed, divided, baffled, dazed and confused by the word Brexit and that it entails. After more than two years of this, it looks like the population is now suffering from various conditions including chronic fatigue, chronic stress and in many cases they have given up in their anger management strategies.

Standing on the side lines, watching this mess, we might not be able to change what is happening in Westminster, but we can do something about our well-being. Now is a time when people need yoga, meditation and all these practices which can help us deal with the negative effects the whole toxic process has had on us individually and also collectively as a population.

There is an allegorical tale from Buddhism: A man was walking in the forest when as if from nowhere, he is struck by an arrow. As he lies there bleeding, the appropriate response is to do something about the arrow and his wound, to pull it out and patch himself up as soon as possible, then worry about who shot him. What is not advised is for him to lie there bleeding to death wondering who shot the arrow, asking himself questions like, why was he targeted, what did the person who shot him eat for breakfast that day, and who made the arrow? And more questions which do nothing to attend to his needs in that very moment when he is bleeding.”

Likewise, whatever is happening in the world, or our country, our family, we need to use our yoga practice to help us keep healthy, calm and a clear mind. Then we can attend to the needs of our family, our country and our world.

That was just a thought at the start of yet another “crucial week” in this soap opera.

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